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Get to Know Us

The Minerva Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad is an all volunteer fire department that covers over 160 square miles of area in Minerva, New York. Our volunteers are ready to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They spend countless hours ensuring their skills are up to par in order to respond to a wide variety of emergencies. We are dedicated to keeping our community safe through fire prevention, fire suppression, and education for our community. 

Want to Join?

Is there a fire in you?  Have you ever considered volunteering and providing a service to your community members in their time of need? Consider joining Minerva Vol. Fire Dept. & Rescue Squad today!


We provide the training, you provide the dedication! Every Monday night at 7pm members can be found at the fire house training, checking equipment, and having meetings. Feel free to stop by and see us! 

Click here to join today.

Our Mission

The primary purpose of this organization shall be to provide Fire Protection for the Minerva Fire Protection District, as contracted with the Town of Minerva.

The second purpose of this organization shall be to participate in the Mutual Aid Systems of Essex and Warren Counties, and to provide rescue service. The organization shall assist in all Natural Disasters.

Board Members

President - Brandon Dunbar

V. President/Treasurer - Eathen Galusha

Secretary - Karen Wright

At large:

Kristen Prosser

Karissa Wright

Chad Haneman


Chief - Greg Wright

Asst. Chief - Brandon Dunbar

Captain - Karissa Wright

Lieutenant - Karen Wright

Lieutenant - Eathen Galusha

Fire Police Captain - Karol Millington

Safety Officer - Al Michelsen

Chaplin - Chad Haneman

Historian - Cameron Dubay 

Social Media Manager - Karissa Wright

Monthly Statistics

Calls for The Month


Man Hours


Calls to Date


Chief Greg Wright

Chief Wright became a fireman in 1993, starting his career off in New Jersey. Once moving to Minerva in March of 2003, Wright joined MVFDRS. Over the years, he has volunteered as Dept. Secretary, President, Asst. Fire Chief, EMT and now Chief/AEMT and going to Paramedic School. Chief Wright brought with him 10 plus years of experience as a firefighter in New Jersey once joining here in Minerva.

One of the things Wright likes to focus on is there is a hierarchy in the fire service, but he treats every person on the fire ground as equal. We are all one team and we are in it together. He has a natural love to teach and firefighters never hesitate to ask questions and Chief doesn't hesitate to answer. Safety is his number one concern and if he sees a behavior that he believes may be dangerous he will jump at the bit to protect each and every person on the fire ground. 

Assistant Chief Brandon Dunbar

Assistant Chief Dunbar joined the fire department in 2013 and quickly began his training. Dunbar took the step in becoming an interior firefighter in 2013 by taking Firefighter 1. He began taking numerous firefighting courses to follow. In 2015, Dunbar decided to join the Rescue Squad and obtain his Emergency Medical Technician certification. Assistant Chief Dunbar has had many hats since joining MVFDRS. Those hats include serving as Vice President in 2016, Chief Engineer and is currently our President and Board member. Dunbar has served his community in many ways over the years and continues to do so in as many ways as possible. 

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