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Meet Our Fleet

Minerva Vol. Fire Dept & Rescue Squad has a vastly diverse fleet of apparatus that allows for the members to provide maximum safety to the community no matter where the emergency is or what it may be. 

Engine 494

A 2004 Rosenbauer Engine with a four person Spartan chassis. Engine 494 is equipped with a 1000 gallon tank and a 1250 gpm pump.

Engine 493

A 2018 Rosenbauer Engine Tanker with a two person Kensworth chassis. Engine 493 is equipped with a 3000 gallon tank and a 1250 gpm pump.

Engine 492

A 2008 Ford F550 4x4 Super Duty Mini Pumper by Pierce can hold two men and is equipped with a small 300 gallon tank and a 500 gpm pump. 

Car 390

Car 390 is a 2004 Ford Expedition use as the chief's vehicle for first responding to emergencies and housing some first response equipment. Chief vehicles are vehicles that officers typically work out of when arriving first to emergencies. 

Rescue 292

292 is a 1990 GMC Top Kick Rescue Truck with an onboard cascade system and a built in generator. Rescue 292 has a 3 man chassis and holds a majority of the rescue equipment.

Rescue 291

Our converted ambulance, also know as "Big Red" is a 2010 E450 that is used for fire police operations and also houses many pieces of rescue equipment for rescue operations such as car accidents and ice water rescue calls. 

Wilderness Ambulance

The wilderness ambulance and four wheeler can be used all year long. This is used to get to patients and preform rescue missions when normal sized vehicles cannot access easily them. This piece of apparatus is housed in the rescue trailer

Rescue Trailer

The rescue trailer is used to house and tow the wilderness ambulance and four wheeler.

Retired Apparatus

Past fire and rescue apparatus of Minerva Fire Dept. and Rescue Squad.

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