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Causes & Risks

There are many different reasons a fire can begin and a fire can spread. In order to learn about how a fire can be prevented you need it understand how a fire starts in the first place.

Top Fire Causes 

  • These are some of the top most common causes of house fires. 

Seasonal Fire Causes

  • There are certain types of fires that are more likely to occur at during different times of the year. 

Special at Risk Groups

  • Groups of people who are at higher risk for injury during a fire or an emergency may need different accommodations to help ensure their safety.


  • Wildfires are often an unpredictable, rapid moving fire, that can be prepared for before one arises. Learn to protect you and your family from wildfires 


Fire Causes 

& Risks

Everyone has the ability to help make our community a safer place by learning about how and why fires begin. It is also important to be able to identify any sort of potential hazard that can arise in everyday lives. Everything you need to know to help keep you, your family, and your community safe from fire and other hazards can be found here.  

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